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Take the Fear Out of Caring for Your Best Friend’s Ears & Skin

Healthy Animals Lead Happy Lives™

Does the thought of touching your pet’s painful ears or itchy skin make both of you want to run and hide? Relief has arrived with Pet King Brands veterinarian-recommended products to calm itchy allergy skin and paws and care for painful ears with only once-daily application and no pre-cleaning of sensitive ears. Soothing solutions that are free of antibiotics and harsh chemicals. Safe, non-toxic, gentle, yet powerfully effective and so easy to use. Your best friend will feel comfort and relief, not the fear of being touched. Rely on ZYMOX® to keep your best friend healthy and happy.

ZYMOX Free Sample Kit
One, 12 oz bottle of ZYMOX Shampoo
One, 12 oz bottle of ZYMOX Leave-On Conditioner
One, 4 oz bottle of ZYMOX Ear Cleanser

Value: $53.97